Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Mermaid Tail

A while ago a friend asked if I could make her daughter a mermaid tail. We had seen one some time ago at a kids play center and her daughter had fallen in love with it. She had tried looking in shops, but nothing was quite right, not to mention the price being way over the top for what the product was.

I said I would give it a go! While out op shopping one day I came across a bag of fabric for $5 and in it was a small piece of lovely shimmery fabric, it was perfect for the tail. I did a few google searches for different patterns and ideas. Today, having finished the Dolls House for my niece I set to work on the tail.

Surprisingly it only took me approx 2 hours, and I am VERY pleased with the result. Luckily I drafted a pattern, as I think I may just make the girls one of these each for Christmas! Along the way I took some pictures of the process, and I will try to to a tutorial when I get a chance (not that I have ever attempted a tutorial before, but I will give it a go!).

Here is the finished product!



a close up shot of the tail before it was attached to the skirt.


El Rancho Ryan said...

very cool idea! I have no patience for sewing ut am going to try to remedy that this year...though not with a mermaid outfit, I may get locked away lol

Kel said...

Thanks! I am only just trying to get back in to it. I love creating things, however I am sure that I tend to go the long way around most I too sometimes feel I need to be locked away, I spend lots of time talking to myself and the machine when I am