Friday, August 23, 2013

Photos & Thoughts

This photo inspired so indepth thought for me today....

So today I have DD8 home with me, I am still not 100% sure if her 'illness' is physical or emotional. But either way I decided she needed a home with mum day.

We were looking through some pictures on the internet after I asked her, 'what kind of images make you happy'...and I came across this one which really inspired some very very deep thinking for me. So simple and yet so very thought provoking. It could be taken so many ways...there are so many different paths that can be taken in so many different areas. And I think as a family it is time we started paving.

I love my family, and the life we all have. We are truly blessed everyday...however there are elements that need to change, and WE are the only ones who can make those changes.

I refer back to my opening paragraph for one....DD8 is the victim of some bullying at school it isn't on the 'small/insignificant' side either. Lets just say we have started taking photo evidence and diary notes. We have spoken to the teacher and will be following it up closely to make sure it isn't just swept under the rug. A little bit of background for those who don't know, is that we also believe DD8 has aspergers, she has shown signs for many years. However we keep coming up against the 'no she doesn't fit the exact bill' wall....again, something we will be pushing harder at now that the school are finally starting to see what we see. She is finding it harder to mask and hide her differences, and she is falling further behind mainstream.

So this leads me to one of the first roads that need to be 're paved'...what to do about it all. Even if we get the bullying sorted, we still feel that she needs something more than the school can provide. Our school has over 700 students and is very focused on sport and performing arts...but mainly sport. It is very dominated by boys and we think she is just going to get lost there.

Guess what is left now is what choices we have. The two clear front runners are, move to another (smaller) school, or home school...... Will keep you updated on the journey to both a decision and how it works for her.

In the meantime we will deal with the issue of the bullying and helping her through it. Which for this immediate moment means lots of love and positive talk, snuggles and mental health days at home when they are needed.

Oh, and as for what pictures she really liked, this one was among her favourites!

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

New Beginings... I think it is time!

So it seems this little blog of mine has been left to go very very stale, so I think it is time to take a new approach and start over. No more promising to be totally active and post about everything, no more expectations on myself. I will just commit to posting when I can about things that I feel are worthy of posting.

I did start a blog about 'shrinking me' and I did really good with that, until I turned 40 and I somehow turned it in to 'expanding me' So I think I will just stick to this one blog and post about anything and everything.

Just a little bit about where I have been for the last oh lets see 16 months!! A lot has gone on in our lives. Probably one of the most significant things would be our son's heart surgery. He is 20 years old and had is aortic valve replaced in February, on my birthday actually. There were hiccups but we he is doing a lot better now, and we are slowly getting back in to the swing of normal life.

We have had a boarder living with us for about 7 months...that too has had ups and downs and just added to the craziness around here!

The girls are growing up fast, but doing well. We firmly believe that DD8 is on the Autism Spectrum, so there will be more posts to come with that as we go down the road to diagnosis.

My gorgeous life partner is coming to the end of her rope with work, and we feel a dramatic change is the only thing that can make things better there. Time to step back and head in a new direction all together. Her Fibromyalgia and IBS have flared up in a very nasty way, and something just have to give! Can not stand to see her suffering for the sake of a 'lifestyle' about Sad Sally! So will blog about that along the way.

Have been doing a few little bits of home business on the side, just to keep be busy, because it seems it is the only way I know how to I have started a coffee business which is building and I love it. It is all online and I get free coffee out of it and some cash on the side, what could be better?! If you want to know more you can read about it on my website Javita Journey or like Javita Journey Facebook Page

Also I have just decided to take some action on my rosacea acne... I have ordered a few products and will be trying them out, so stay tuned for more info on that! Will let you know how it goes.

Well I think that pretty much sums up my MIA. Thanks for hanging in there and still following my page, and for maybe making it all the way to the bottom of this post. Look forward to keeping you all up to date with my posts when I can.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Loving the T-Mo....

T-Mo is what we have decided to call our Thermomix, and we are all loving it!! I know I have been incredibly slack at posting on here, and I hope to improve soon. I just wanted to drop in and let you all know that I am loving the thermomix and all that it can do. We have had some lovely one pot meals, treats, breads, drink etc etc so far.

I aim to start blogging again soon, so stay tuned :-)

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Monkey See Monkey Do

Lately I have been trying to lose weight, and get healthy (nothing at all to do with the big 40 coming up! LOL), and it is amazing to see how much the kids are taking on. They have never really eaten that badly, but when it has come to snacks they have been a little too used to processed snacks.

More can be read about my weightloss on my other blog by clicking here

Since my efforts have started I have stopped buying more and more of the processed snacks and I think everyone is getting great benifit from it all. Today I picked up some really cute 'snack' size bowls from Kmart, and after school I presented the girls with a 3 fruit salad....they were so excited!! Not one whinge about it being fruit, or wanting more, they loved it. So it really is Monkey See Monkey Do in so many ways. Their lunchboxes this week have been very simple, but they have been loving it! A very small home made cheese & bacon scroll, home made banana muffin, 2 pieces of fruit, small baby carrott & maybe a slice of cheese. Far cry from what their lunchboxes had turned in to at the end of last year. Not once have they said they miss all the other stuff.

Todays Fruit Salad

Saturday, January 28, 2012

I am getting a Thermomix, I think!

Well I am pretty sure, but thought I better put 'I think' until it is a done deal :-)

My partner and I have been looking at these for some time now, dreaming, thinking, wishing etc. She is actually the one who suggested getting one first, as I am the one who does the cooking and she thought with this she might learn too..... And if not, well it will make my job easier anyway :-)

We have a demo on the 16th of Feb, and will most likely order on that day. It is going to be my 40th Bday pressie, and I can't wait. I have already started book marking recipes to try and blogs to visit lol.

So I would say you could expect some Thermomix related posts coming up from me :-)

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Why oh why do they do that!!

Why do young kids, and I guess older kids alike feel the need to egg people's houses?? You have to ask the question, would they do that to their own houses, their own rooms? I am guessing not. So why do they think that it is 'fun' to go around doing it to other people's houses.

We did hear the dog bark just after we went to bed last night, so guessing that is when they did it. The only positive is that we recently had new aluminum windows installed, which were easier to clean than our old wooden ones would have been!

Ok vent for the day over.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Found my way back...

It has been nearly 6 months since I was here, and my things have changed, both for me personally and around here. I had a hard time finding my way around the new dashboard. But I think I have got it now :-)

Going to take me a little longer to find my way around organisation! I feel like I have become totally lost, I haven't been menu planning, I haven't been baking...I have been sewing though, so I guess that is a plus.

My plan for 2012 is to get back on top of the menu planning and shopping monthly. Things ran very smoothly when I did that, and I miss it :-(

A little birdie has told me that I might be getting a Thermomix for my 40th, which is next month (not sure I will have it for then, but that is what it will be a gift for), so I will enjoy learning all about that and how to use it. I also look forward to working that in to making the house run smoother.

I will have to post some photos soon of my latest projects. Which were tea wallets for teacher presents and a 'detective' cape for Miss nearly 7. I am sure I have done more since I last posted....will have to check. I have also spent a lot of time sewing for Miss nearly 6's school performance, lots of altering etc.

Hope 2012 has started out well for you all.

Cheers Kel